Golden Retrievers of the original type
with natural working ability

Marja Vos 2009

Left to right: myself, Jason, Julie, Feyo
photo taken in March 2009

The history of Gamequest

(Final update: 31th December 2016)

In 1984 I bought my first Golden Retriever male (Ivo), from a newspaper advertisement.
I was lucky; he wasn’t ‘bad’ and we started with a sort of Obedience.
Soon I’ve discovered that working with my Golden was something I liked very much.
In 1986 I bought Ivo’s younger, full sister (Jenny), and started gundog training with her.
Jenny had very much drive and talent, so we achieved many results and awards.
Jenny made that I still continue gundog training with all my Goldens.
I wanted to breed from her but she had poor hip X-rays, so I didn’t.

In order to breed and start my kennel, I’ve imported in 1987 Tallygold Tiercel (Dave) from England, bred by Mary Adams.
In 1988 followed by Golden Elm of Denerose (Elma), bred by Phyllis Southwell and Rebecca Litchfield, also from England.
I owe these English breeders many thanks, as they’ve learnt me so much on the Golden breed!
I’ve learnt what true dual-purpose really is. Thank you!!!
Because of this I’ve decided that my aim was breeding dual-purpose; to the old-fashioned original type.
Also the true Golden character and the working instincts were, and still are, of most importance to me.

In 1988 my affix “
Gamequest” was registered by the Dutch Kennel Club.

From Elma I’ve bred 4 litters:
In 1990 to Dutch FT. CH. Anger from the Golden Rennet (Anger); litter “Chaos” (4-6)
In 1991 to Tallygold Tiercel (Dave); litter “Carry On” (6-4)
In 1993 to Tallygold Tiercel (Dave); litter “Twice Tale” (4-5)
In 1995 to Beaconholm Hero Gran Hanbie (Busby); litter “Happy” (3-2)

With Gamequest Chaos Cherie-Chica I wasn’t able to continue; she didn’t become in whelp.
The other Goldens I’ve kept were males, as I prefer working with males.

In 1999 I’ve bought Famous-Juliet v. ‘t Keijsershof (Julie) in the Netherlands, bred by Peter and Marianne de Haar.
Julie did quite well, both in the show ring and in the field. She proved having much natural hunting ability.
Having no interest in much showing myself; Julie’s show ‘career’ was ‘only’ gaining several “Excellent” qualifications.

Julie was mated twice to a work-bred male; Xaverius from Narrow Garden (Spike) and she gave me two litters:
Litter “Fast” in 2001 (5-4) and litter “After All” in 2004 (7-3).
From the “Fast” litter, Gerard Steenhuis picked Gamequest Fast Floran (Floran).
From the “After All” litter I’ve kept Gamequest After All Amice Jason (Jason).
We’re very pleased with both boys!!!!

Floran made things come true we’ve even never dreamt of!
Floran achieved with his owner and handler Gerard numerous working awards and was invited by the Royal Dutch Hunters Society (KNJV) for the final “NIMROD” test in 2006. This is a once in a lifetime invitation for a dog.
At the same time Floran was invited to join the Dutch (Golden) Retriever team for the CLA Game Fair in England in July 2007.
Sadly the Game Fair was cancelled due to all the rain on July 22

On conformation Floran gained twice “Excellent” at the Dutch Golden Club CH. Show.
With rewards on both show and in the field, Floran has proved to be true dual-purpose.
You can click on Floran’s page to see his numerous results.
Floran & Gerard were also invited by the Dutch Pickers Up Team to join picking up on shoots abroad.

My Jason, two years and 3,5 months younger than his elder brother Floran, wasn’t thát much succesful (sure Floran is a „once in a lifetime” dog !!!),
but Jason earned very many impressive awards as well, which you can see on his page.
Above all that, Jason was my shadow and dearest friend ever, who’s helped me with his kind nature and great affection through the worst life-times.

On this home page you can also see their dam my Julie, & some others of her offspring.

I’m most grateful to Famous-Juliet v. ‘t Keijsershof (Julie), for throwing so much qualities of her own,
which gave me with sire Xaverius from Narrow Garden (Spike) two such quality litters!!!

My companion during the last 8+ years is
Feyo of Sunset Paradise (Feyo), born 24-05-2008;
imported from Switserland, so carefully bred by Ruth & Roland Meier.
On Feyo’s page you can see all about his foregoing.

In loving memory are:
Ivo (’96), Elma (’98), Jenny (’98), Dave (’00), Orza (’01), Chica (’06), Jerom (’07), Ewan (’07),
Julie (’14), Floran (’15), Jason (’16)

Without all them I would never have achieved and learnt all the things I know today!!!!!

There will be no new breeding plans.

I wish to thank all owners of a
Gamequest Golden Retriever for their trust in me, and for giving their dogs a wonderful life.
I wish to thank all breeders and friends involved for their support and kind comments.

Gamequest reunion september 1999, Elma’s breeders Phyllis Southwell & Joan Litchfield came over here for 5 days!

Marja Vos
The Netherlands


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